Lord’s Supper is a Celebration of Grace


By: Keddie, Gordon



ISBN: 0852344252

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What the Bible Teaches about Communion

Understanding the Lord’s supper is essential to enjoying its blessings.  Too often, in practice, the Lord’s Supper is largely taken for granted and is left to be whatever people make of it, a highly individual experience undirected by any concerted effort by the church to expound what that experience ought to be in the life of the communicant.

This book attempts to give greater meaning to the experience of the Lord’s Supper for the people of God.  As we reflect on the person and work of Christ as the substitute sacrifice for sinners, our hearts will be drawn out in wonder and adoration and our own souls will be richly blessed as we commune with him, in fellowship with his people, under the symbols of his broken body and his shed blood.





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