Lord of the Sabbath (Sundays, Great Days) [eBook]


By: Weber, Keith

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ISBN: 9781846254925

The riches of God’s rest

Disparaged, slighted, downtrodden, the Fourth might be described as the Cinderella of the Ten Commandments. Its true worth and importance are brought out in this book as the reader is directed into an understanding of what God has revealed about ‘his holy day’. Jesus, who declared himself to be the Lord of the Sabbath, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, the Alpha and the Omega, has shown us that this commandment has been, and always will be, central to a healthy and fruitful relationship with him.
Keith Weber became a Christian in 1965 while at university in Aberystwyth. For many years he taught mathematics before leaving the profession to develop his own business in typography and print. Membership of Cuckfield Baptist Church in Sussex spanned some twenty-five years, where latterly he served the church on the eldership until moving in 2005 to Leominster in Herefordshire, England. He and his wife, Rhiannon, who have four children and five grandchildren, are now members of Leominster Baptist Church.
‘Sports, consumerism and preference for leisure activities have eroded the Lord’s Day. Few now take the Christian Sabbath to mean a whole day set apart. Neglect has been largely due to erroneous thinking or ignorance about what the Bible teaches. Jesus said the Sabbath was made for mankind’s benefit (see chapter 6). This clear, constructive exposition is designed to establish and strengthen the Lord’s Day for God’s glory and our good. I heartily commend it.’ Erroll Hulse, Editor, Reformation Today

‘The fruit of Keith’s thinking is here in this biblically based and tested work. It will help all who read it.’
—Geoff Thomas






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