A Long Way East of Eden


By: Lowman, Pete



ISBN: 1842271083

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Could God explain the mess we’re in?

This book explores how far from Utopia we have come.  Lowman guides us on a fascinating journey through our postmodern ideas and lifestyles and unearths a coherent pattern in their logical if, disconcerting, implications.

The book’s incisive, readable analysis explores how the God question is the central clue for making sense of our experience – in identity and self worth, purpose and desire, ethics, truth, and intimacy.  Using wide-ranging examples from rock, politics, philosophy, and street culture, it points from the emptiness at the heart of our postmodern world to a compelling rediscovery of God.

  • Identifies and discusses the pressure points of our world.
  • Focuses on the interplay between God and culture.
  • A compelling presentation of the transforming power of the Gospel.




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