Live Wires [eBook]


By: Carswell, DJ

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ISBN: 9781906173487

REAL STORIES…REAL LIVES…REAL HOPELive Wires is a collection of individual stories of real people, some of whose lives contain elements of shock or sadness, surprise or the unexpected. What they have in common is an encounter with Someone who was to change their lives for the better.Inside you will meet a whole group of people with a little extra je ne sais quoi; a little something that marks them out from the rest.The actor, the astronaut, the power-lifter, the hairdresser, and the photographer…just some of the fascinating stories of changed lives found in Live Wires.Contents include:The Barman-Ex-Sailor, GrahamThe Patient- Facing Cancer, RachelThe Page Three Photographer-Beyond the Tabloids, KenThe Addict-Man from the Colony, MikeThe Hairdresser- Looking for Life, LizThe Punk and the Budgies- Community Man, JoeThe Policeman- Terrorist Victim, EddieThe Power-Lifter – European Champion, Arthur WhiteThe Businessman – Car Salesman, Sir Peter VardyThe Singer – East Meets West, KaremaThe Aid Worker- Problem Child, Dave CookeThe Actor- Behind the Mask, AndyThe Astronaut – Man on the Moon, Colonel James IrwinThe Graduate – Discovering his Roots, JamesThe Buddhist – Searching for Truth, ChandrikaAfter bigger quantities? If you’re wanting more than 2000 copies please e-mail the office.