Live Fearless (Colouring Book)


By: Feinberg, Margaret


ISBN: 9780764218644

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Life can be overwhelming as we go from one urgent demand on our time to another; it’s important to slow down and remind ourselves who we are and who God is.  Colouring is a wonderful way to relax and focus our minds, giving us the refreshment and freedom to be all we were meant to be.  But this book gives you more than a chance to colour – it also focuses your attention on the peace that God brings through his presence in your life.

This beautiful, intricately designed colouring book highlights verses from the Bible that focus on the courage that comes with knowing God is by your side.  He wants us to live bold lives, free of fear, and his Word gives us the peace and reassurance to do so. Presenting this uplifting message in a fun and creative format, Live Fearless encourages you to drink deeply from Scripture as you colour and create.  Space is included for reflections, prayers, or even doodles.

You can even share your art – and God’s comforting presence – with others by posting photos on social media or by cutting out the pages to keep for yourself. Gather your favorite colouring supplies and start creating!