Line Upon Line (Book One)


By: Mortimer, F L



ISBN: 1857925866

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These classic devotional books have been the source of blessing to countless Christian families over several generations. Whilst still retaining their classic feel, the text has been updated to appeal to today’s reader and additional features added to help the lessons be adopted.

Each daily segment starts with a devotional section, an activity section, the lesson itself, questions and finally a conclusion to wrap up the segment.

Line upon Line 1 is split into four sections of between four and nineteen lessons all from the Old Testament.

Section 1: Genesis – Creation, Sin of Adam, Cain & Abel, The Flood, Abraham (3 lessons), Jacob (3 lessons), Joseph (9 lessons).

Section 2: Exodus – 12 lessons on Moses, from the basket in the bulrushes to the journey of the Israelites.

Section 3: Numbers – 4 lessons on Moses, from the twelve spies to Moses death.

Section 4: Joshua – 4 lessons from Rahab to Joshua’s death.





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