By: Christofides, Andrew


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ISBN: 9781846252242

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The most famous verse in the Bible, John 3:16, has been described as the gospel in a nutshell. In this short book, Andy Christofides uses this verse as a vehicle to explain what the Christian faith is all about. He writes plainly and simply, illustrating his points by drawing on his training as a scientist, his knowledge of contemporary music, and an enthusiasm for Star Wars.

Here is a down-to-earth book that tells the story of God’s love that has come down from heaven. Its short, pithy chapters can be read in less than an hour, but receiving its message will have profound consequences in this life and the next.

About the Author:

Born and bred in the near the town of Burnley, Lancsashire, by the age of 17 Andrew Christofides had come to the conclusion that science had all the answers to ‘life, the universe and everything’ – there was no need or room for God. Following the first year of his degree in Chemistry he had an encounter with the Creator Himself which totally changed his life! He followed his degree with a PhD in analytical chemistry and worked in industry for 5 years before entering full-time Christian service as a youngpeople’s worker and since 2000 he has been Pastor of St Mellons Baptist Church, Cardiff. Married to Jill, they have 4 children and to date 2 grandchildren. Andrew is a keen follower of Burnley football club, an avid Star Trek fan and enjoys keeping up to date with all aspects of science.





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