Life That Lasts (Tract)


By: Tice, Rico


ISBN: 9781784987190

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“Life. We’re all looking for it. Not the quality of being alive; if you’re reading this booklet, you’ve got that already. What we’re looking for is that special something that will elevate mere existence to real life. That quality that makes life worth living. Real, satisfying, meaningful life that lasts. Have you found it?”

In this short booklet, evangelist Rico Tice explains the gospel simply and powerfully from John 7 v 37-38, showing how Jesus can quench our thirst for satisfaction: “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink”.

This booklet has been designed to be used as part of A Passion for Life, a focused month of mission leading up to Easter 2022. It’s ideal to hand out at events, use in door-to-door or street evangelism, or give to friends and family along with an invitation.