Life As We Would Want It…


By: Gire, Ken


ISBN: 9780849914010

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In the wilderness of pain, loss, or illness, it is easy to get lost. Despair descends like darkness when the safe tableland of our past disappears into the jagged, unpredictable vertigo of sheer tragedy. And, hemmed in on every side, we lose the perspective of a larger horizon.

But in the same way that the passage of time tames mountains and smoothes the edges of serrated peaks, God molds our upheavals into equally awe-inspiring scenery—far grander than the predictable plains we once walked. The white caps of our hurts, thrust heavenward by violence and earthquake, become now the beauty, mystery, and peace for others who are drawn to the high places.

In Life as We Would Want It…Life as We Are Given It, learn to let God bring beauty out of life’s troubles and give you eyes to see that what once seemed to be destruction turns out to be creation. Previously published as The Weathering Grace of God.