Letter from a Christian Citizen


By: Wilson, Douglas


ISBN: 9780915815753

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Last year, Sam Harris made headlines and topped bestseller lists with his angry and honest Letter to a Christian Nation. At its heart, this little book was an atheist complaint against Christians: Harris pointed an accusing finger at the church, telling Christians that they weren t as nice as they thought they were and warning fellow atheists that the Christians were out to get them. Prominent intellectuals and anti-Christians were quick to praise this little book; as one Harvard professor wrote, Reading Harris Letter to a Christian Nation was like sitting ring side, cheering the champion, yelling Yes! at every jab. In response, Douglas Wilson has written his own little book: Letter From a Christian Citizen. As Gary DeMar writes in the foreword, Douglas Wilson has taken the operating assumptions of Sam Harris seriously and has shown what life would be like if the world were consistent with atheistic assumptions. Walking through Harris claims step-by-step, Wilson dismantles his arguments and demonstrates that honesty lies on the side of the Christians, not the atheists.