Let Go


By: Walsh, Sheila


ISBN: 9781400203024

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With solid biblical teaching and deeply moving stories, Sheila Walsh helps women discover God’s goodness in everyday life, leading them to freedom from the universal areas of brokenness every woman knows.

Why is it so difficult to believe in the redemptive upswing to life’s heartaches? A divorce happens, and hope seems so distant. A job is lost, and a sense of security drifts away. A dream is unfulfilled, and it seems better not to dream at all. Sheila Walsh believes that the battle for hope-for freedom to live fully in the face of life’s challenges-is the central need every woman can discover.

In Let Go, she gives solid biblical teaching and deeply moving stories to show women how God longs to set them free from poor self-image, fear, relationship troubles, legalism, loneliness, and so much more. Through her own trials, she has found new depths of God’s goodness for a woman’s most common heartaches, and she now shares them with the world.