Leadership Expectations


By: Early, Gene


ISBN: 1870345304

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Leadership Expectations is an in-depth study of expectations and how one leader creates and uses them to shape a university, its culture, and its success. This research operates on the underlying assumption that the organization is an expression of the leader and the people he or she attracts. As the personal, interpersonal, and organizational agendas a leader carries in their mind and enacts in their behavior are understood, the organization can be understood. Concurrently, at least one major means of organizational transformation emerges, executive development. The result: their personal development (and/or lack of it) drives organizational performance. The cost: their self-sacrifices energize the values they most deeply hold for themselves, others, and the university they lead. The reward: truth revealed, about themselves, others, and their organization; lives touched and transformed, including their own; and organizational capacity for good increased.





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