Leaders Who Will Last


By: Hawkins, Tim


ISBN: 9781907377440

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How to Become the Effective Youth Leader that God Really Wants

10th Anniversary Edition – includes new chapter as well as revised and expanded content throughout. Discover why this is a youthwork classic!

What makes a good youth leader? How can you have dynamic impact? How can you lead the youth of today so that they are effective in changing their lives, transforming their schools, revolutionising their churches, and impacting the world? How can you immerse yourself in the turbulent world of young people – and keep your sanity at the same time?

Come and learn from Tim Hawkins – one of the most experienced youth pastors around today. He will share with you his insights and wisdom from a quarter of a century at the front-line of Christian youth leadership. Not only is Tim’s ministry raising up disciples, but he is also passionate about developing an army of youth leaders who will impact a whole generation for Christ!

Come and learn how to:

  • grow your Leadership Vision
  • grow your Leadership Character
  • grow your Leadership Skills




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