Lead Your Family in Worship


By: Carr, Francois


ISBN: 9781846251283

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All churches want to experience growth. Many churches are implementing special projects and techniques in order to achieve this growth. But churches consist of families-and families consist of individuals. If a family is spiritually healthy, this leads to spontaneous growth in the church and to the spiritual development of the community. Yet few churches focus their growth, particularly their spiritual growth, on the foundation of the holiness of individuals and family members. The traditional practice of family worship has become neglected as a result. Here Francois Carr pleads for the return of family worship times. What is family worship? Why is it so rarely practised today? What should a family worship time consist of? How can my family get started? Illustrated with examples of many great men and women in church history, this book answers these questions and demonstrates the influence for good that the practice of family worship has had down through the centuries. Appendixes are included as examples of family worship sessions in action.





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