Lead Them to Jesus


By: McGarry, Mike


ISBN: 9781645071303

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A Handbook for Youth Workers

Do you feel overwhelmed with the logistics of starting or keeping a youth ministry going?  What about the tricky theological questions that keep you and your fellow youth workers on your toes?  It’s a lot for what is usually an “all-volunteer army.”  Help is here!  Veteran youth pastor Mike McGarry offers a practical, comprehensive tool to jumpstart your youth ministry and help youth workers with biblical answers to the tough questions students ask.  In a two-part approach, he tackles both the practical skills and biblical depth needed for effective gospel-centered ministry to today’s youth.  He leads readers through twenty theological truths they should be equipped to discuss with students and offers twenty practical skills every youth worker should cultivate.

Lead Them to Jesus offers insight into the religious worldview of Gen Z and illustrates how to connect the gospel to their questions and core desires.  Not only are young people ready to discuss hard issues such as suicide, suffering, and navigating difficult relationships, they are looking for authentic leaders who are committed to speaking truth and investing into their lives.

McGarry prepares both youth pastors and ministry volunteers to go deep with students about what they believe and why.  He also helps them think through the strategic role of fun and games and shares how to navigate conflict and cliques.  Lead Them to Jesus shows youth workers how the gospel shapes every part of how they do youth ministry and will get your whole team on the same biblical and logistical page.

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