The King of God’s Kingdom


By: Seccombe, David

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ISBN: 1842270753

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A Solution to the Puzzle of Jesus

The King of God’s Kingdom is an examination of the three vital ministry years of Jesus in an attempt to uncover their coherence and the vision that drove him forward, ultimately to death. A proper understanding of his preaching of the kingdom of God provides the answer.

He spoke of the coming of the kingdom of God but what become of this new age which was meant to be tangible and near? The King of God’s Kingdom in part is an attempt to uncover and understand Jesus and His vision.

“A good, solidly evangelical treatment of scholarly issues relating to the life of Jesus Christ.  Seccombe interacts with scholarly literature in a sound, balanced way, while maintaining a soundly evangelical perspective.  This is a valuable resource on the life of Christ for students and pastors.





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