Just Show Up


By: Dyck, Drew

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ISBN: 9780802428585

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How Small Acts of Faithfulness Change Everything (A Guide for Exhausted Christians) 

Bestselling self-help book titles tell you that you’re brilliant, awesome, powerful – usually with an expletive thrown in, just to pound home the point.  Do these affirmations feel accurate?  Instead of blasting through projects and conquering the world, most of us feel like we’re crawling uphill.

But Christians are still called to live a life that glorifies God and blesses others.  How do we do that when we’re stretched to capacity?  Just Show Up answers that question with a liberating message: God doesn’t expect you to do everything.  And He certainly doesn’t expect you to do it all overnight.  Simply showing up is often the most important thing.

This book looks at present-day examples and also stories from Scripture of imperfect people used by God.  Moses, by his own admission, wasn’t very eloquent, but he showed up and God used him to liberate and lead His people.  We name churches and children after the disciples.  But originally, they were just a bunch of uneducated nobodies with one thing in common: when Jesus said, “Follow me”, they showed up.

With humor and candor, Dyck reflects on his own faltering progress while recounting inspiring stories of how God rewards the persistent presence of ordinary people.  Just Show Up challenges readers to show up for God, family, community, and themselves.