John (Yarbrough)


By: Yarbrough, Robert


ISBN: 9781610973953

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The Gospel of John is perhaps the most personal memoir of the life and work of Jesus Christ. John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, manages more fully to combine poignant and memorable vignettes with longer teaching passages than do the other gospel writers. Besides being the gospel of love, Robert Yarbrough points out, John also meant his record to be a gospel of testimony. John’s gospel could also be called one of invitation. The accounts of the Samaritan woman, Nicodemus, Lazarus, and others end with a call to follow Jesus. They have about them the brisk air of an eyewitness and convey a rush of urgency to convince and convert. With a sure hand on the Greek text and a readable style, Yarbrough walks you through John’s account of the last years of Jesus’ life. In a sense you, too, become an eyewitness to God’s love incarnate.





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