John (Preaching the Word)


By: Huges, Kent



ISBN: 9781433539190

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While each of the Gospels presents Christ with a distinct emphasis, the Gospel of John focuses on his greatness?as the timeless Creator-God of the universe, as the Word made flesh, as the gracious lover of our souls, and as the only way to the Father.

Instead of detailing the facts and events of Jesus? earthly life, as the other Gospel writers did, John concentrates on the meaning of his words and the message of his works, clearly presenting him as the long-awaited Messiah with one mission in mind: to do the work of the Father who sent him.

Follow along with pastor Kent Hughes in this engaging commentary as he leads you through this magnificent book of the Bible. His careful exposition and wise application will guide you to a richer understanding of not only God?s greatness, but of his great goodness to us all.

How did Christianity become one of the most important religions in world history? Any investigation into this important question must begin with Acts?the biblical book that chronicles the tumultuous days of the early church and the spread of Christianity in the years following Jesus?s death and resurrection. In this redesigned volume in the popular Preaching the Word commentary series, Kent Hughes leads pastors and laypeople alike to rediscover the history of the New Testament church, examining key events in the book of Acts such as the bold preaching of Christ?s early followers, the dramatic persecution of Christians, and the perilous missionary journeys of the apostle Paul.

Part of the Preaching the Word series.