Joel & Amos (Tyndale)


By: Hubbard, D


ISBN: 9780851118444

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Joel’s arresting imagery – blasting trumpet, darkened sun and marching hosts – has shaped the church’s eschatological vision of a day of wrath.  Amos’s ringing indictments – callous oppression, heartless worship, and self-seeking gain – have periodically awakened the conscience of God’s people.  Twenty-five-hundred years after they were first born, those prophetic words never fail to awaken and arrest.  Viewed against the background of their culture and society, artistry and context, these visions and oracles take on even more vibrant colors and cleaner lines.

This commentary is a valuable guide to the fascinating world and challenging word of these two prophets.  Ever mindful of the wider context and composition of these ancient but living texts, David Hubbard shows how Joel and Amos addressed Israel’s mind and heart.





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