Jim Elliot (Torchbears) [eBook]


By: Howat, Irene



ISBN: 9781781910450

He Is No Fool

Jim Elliot had a loving wife, a beautiful little girl, and a reason for real joy. God had called him to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Auca Indians. The love of Christ not only thrilled him but also gave him peace. Jim would spend the rest of his life bringing Jesus to the lost Aucus … but the rest of Jim’s life was only a matter of months. Persecution and death are a reality for many Christians today. Jim Elliot and four other young men died in the middle of doing God’s work. The very people they had come to rescue came out against them with machetes and clubs. Jim had realised for quite some time what serving God really meant. There is nothing that is worth more than Jesus – not even your life. ‘He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. This is the story of Jim’s love for a fighting people and of his fight for a loving God. When his life ended, the work went on and many of the Auca Indians today have the same reason that Jim Elliot had for real joy. Included in this book are a map, timeline and information on Ecuador.






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