Jesus Disfigured


By: Gilchrist, John



ISBN: 9780981419312

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The recent publication of most of the known Gnostic texts, including the so-called Gospels of Thomas, Philip, Mary, and Judas amongst other now-famous works such as the Apocryphon of John, has led many non-believing scholars to suggest that these writings are evidence of a diverse Christianity in its early years, and that they are a challenge to the traditional records of Christian beginnings.  John Gilchrist comprehensively dismantles this proposal and shows in this book that all Gnostic texts referring to Jesus are reinventions of no historical value, being bare-faced forgeries, pure and simple.  He also shows how convincing the evidences are for the authenticity of the canonical gospels as well as the grounding of the ministry and person of Jesus in the Judaic prophetic works preceding him by many centuries.  This book is a must-read for all Christians seeking answers to the strongly promoted new myths of Christian origins.

The book covers the four most well-known Gnostic ‘Gospels’, namely the Gospels of Thomas, Philip, Mary, and Judas.  The first two chapters cover Gnosticism generally and the New Myths of Christian Origins.  The third chapter covers the paradigm Gnostic text, the Apocryphon of John and then follow the four gospel texts.  The last three chapters have a Christian emphasis.  The first covers the authenticity of the canonical gospels, the second the prophetic heritage of Jesus (in a newly defined context), and the last covers the Gospel of John.  Includes index and Bibliography.





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