Jars of Clay


By: Haddow, Catherine

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ISBN: 9781913278922

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Peace for the Anxious Soul

Globally, we’ve never been more anxious.  Statistics for those seeking help for anxiety are rising rapidly and countless more individuals battle day after day feeling isolated and alone.  Maybe you’re one of them.  If so, then this timely and helpful book on anxiety is for you.  Writing both to those desperately seeking peace for themselves and for those seeking to help others, Chartered psychologist and experienced counsellor Catherine Haddow speaks truth to calm our fearful minds and hearts.

Catherine helps us to understand how anxiety operates in our bodies at a physical and spiritual level.  She then unpacks how the treasure of the gospel can alter our experience of anxiety, pointing to how God’s promises penetrate our struggles.

There is another better way to contend with our anxieties.  Ultimately, deep and lasting peace can be found, not in a process, but in the person of Jesus who meets us in our fear and brokenness.