It’s Not Too Late (DVD Leader Kit)


By: Evans, Tony

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ISBN: 634337222271

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Moses was a murderer. Rahab was a harlot. Jacob was a deceiver. Esther was a diva. Peter was an apostate. Sarah was a doubter. Yet, despite each one’s character flaw and sin, God used them to do incredible things. If you’ve ever wished you could take back something you said or a poor choice you made, don’t despair. God can redeem your past and set you on a path to a new future.

In Tony Evans’ It’s Not Too Late video study, he provides encouragement by takinga look at each of these six biblical heroes. It’s not too late to find out what God can do with your life – imperfections and all.

The Leader Kit includes one Bible Study book, two DVDs with six (30-34 minutes) video sessions, one paperback book, and an access code for digital downloads.