Is That You Lord?


By: Gilley, Gary


ISBN: 9780852346525

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We live in a world of communication — telephones, the internet and satellite serve to connect people all over the world. Still, communication is messy business. Poor call quality, dropped lines and misdials are all too common and frustrating … and that is before we get to try and understand what the other person is really saying. Perhaps this is how we feel about communicating with God. When the Bible was seen as the central means of dialogue it wasn’t so bad, but the new and ‘improved’ methods popularized by modern movements and mystics have disillusioned many individuals. The quest to ‘discover the will of God’, discern the mysterious promptings of the Spirit and open the floodgates of divine communication are all hot topics in popular Christian culture, and cause much unnecessary anguish and confusion. But what does the Bible say? Dr Gary E. Gilley shows us, in clear and precise language, what God’s Word teaches on this important subject. Essential reading for pastors, teachers, college students, and anyone interested in the Holy Spirit’s communication to humanity, Is that you, Lord? will guide you to biblical soundness and Christian sanity. Contents: Pietism and subjective Christianity The Lord told me — I think ! God’s will, lost or found Impressions and Scripture Freedom to choose ‘But what about?’ Biblical guidance in practice Conclusion: Confidence in the Word





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