Is God Speaking to Me?


By: TerKeurst, Lysa


ISBN: 9780736982627

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How to Discern His Voice and Direction

Living with a deeper awareness of God’s leading isn’t just for a select few…it’s for you too!

Have you ever wondered if God still speaks to us today?  Or do you worry that what you’re perceiving as God’s voice is really just your own thoughts?  You’re not alone.

In Is God Speaking to Me?, Lysa TerKeurst shares her own wrestling with these questions and how God has taught her to more clearly discern His direction in her everyday life.
Using Scripture, encouraging personal stories, and practical application, Lysa will help you:

  • Stop merely going through the motions of life by learning how to recognize and respond to the Lord’s divine appointments for you.
  • Uncomplicate the idea of listening to God as you use five key questions to help you determine if what you’re discerning is from Him or not.
  • Discover the joy of truly walking with the Lord as you learn how to live in expectation of hearing from Him.

Is God Speaking to Me? is both an invitation to a life of adventure with the Lord and the tender reminder that we serve a God who loves us deeply and longs to speak to us personally.