Is Believing in God Irrational?


By: Orr-Ewing, Amy

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ISBN: 9780830833535

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Is God really real? And how can we know if anyone’s experience of God is actually valid?

Skeptics today are increasingly vocal in their assertion not only that God is unverifiable, but also that believing in God is irrational and even dangerous. Even those who believe wonder if they can speak objectively about the actual reality of God or if they can only appeal to a subjective belief in God.

Amy Orr-Ewing addresses key questions and objections that many people today have about God. She explores whether our understanding of God is delusional or merely a psychological crutch. She probes whether the Christian claim to a unique personal relationship with God is plausible in light of other world religions, and how anyone can continue to believe in God in a world of pain and suffering.

If you have questions about God, you’re not alone. Come consider some possible answers.