Introducing God (Explanation & Train DVD


By: Steele & Hatcher



ISBN: 0975141376

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The approach taken to evangelism in Introducing God is different from the approach traditionally taken by many Christians.  The Explanation and Training session is important to communicate to potential Christian hosts the overall approach of Introducing God, which is gradual and gentle rather than immediate and confrontational.  On the training video hosts can see and experience this approach in practice before inviting their friends to Introducing God.

The Training DVD is a 45 minute presentation with sections on:

  1. Creating a culture for Introducing God
  2. God’s Word
  3. Method
  4. Discussion group training
  5. The difference Jesus makes weekend
  6. Inviting people
  7. What to do at the end
  8. Multimedia sample

It also include the talk scripts and power point for all the course sessions.





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