Insight & Creativity in Christian Counse


By: Adams, Jay


ISBN: 0889032298

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In the book Committed to Craftsmanship, Dr. Jay Adams challenges readers to seek excellence in their counseling ministries. In Insight & Creativity, Dr. Adams’ challenge is not only to seek improvement; here he carefully leads counselors to develop better insight into the problems of the counselee and encourages the creativity required to help them overcome the sins in their lives. First published in 1981, Insight & Creativity contains examples from that time frame; however, the timelessness of the problems described make this book as relevant today as then. The material continues to be most useful to the counselor today. Dr. David Powlison, in the Fall, 2001 issue of Journal of Biblical Counseling, cites Insight & Creativity, calling it one of Dr. Adams’ best.





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