Infant Baptism in the First Four Centuri


By: Jeremias, Joachim

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ISBN: 9781592447572

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Joachim Jeremias here makes his greatest contribution in a study of the early tradition of infant baptism. He offers exegesis of pertinent New Testament passages, and readers will be impressed with the extra-Biblical evidence he produces to support that there was virtually universal observance of the rite in the post-Apostolic generations. He states his purpose thus: to “lay before the reader the historical material relating to the history of infant baptism in the first four centuries in as concrete and sober a manner as possible.”

Joachim Jeremias (1900-1982) was Professor of New Testament Studies at the University of Gottingen. His other works include ‘The Parables of Jesus’, ‘The Eucharistic Words of Jesus’, ‘Unknown Sayings of Jesus’, ‘The Servant of God’ (written with Walther Zimmerli), and ‘Jesus’ Promise to the Nations’.