Inclusive Language Debate


By: Carson, D.A.


ISBN: 9780851115849

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A balanced and thorough look at the use of inclusive language in Bible translation.

Subjects covered in the book include:
1. The Making of a Crisis–Bible Translation and Bible Rage;
2. Conflicting Principles–The Committee on Bible Translation; (CBT) and Colorado Springs Guidelines (CSG) on Inclusive Language;
3. Translation and Treason–An Inevitable and Impossible Task;
4. Gender and Sex around the World–a Translator’s Nightmare;
5. A Brief Evaluation of the CBT and Colorado Springs (CS) Principles;
6. Some Old Testament Passages;
7. Some New Testament Passages;
8. Some Crucial Passages with Important Doctrinal Issues at Stake;
9. But is the English Language Changing?; and
10. Pastoral Considerations–How to Avoid Bible Rage.
Includes notes, a general index, and a scripture index.





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