If You Forget Everything Else Remem [HC]


By: Hill, Katharine


ISBN: 9781910012543

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Married life is full of trials and bliss, no matter how long you’ve been together. One day you’re saying your wedding vows, enjoying the honeymoon, making a home together . . . and the next you’re working through domestic challenges, paying the mortgage, and struggling to remember your anniversary.

Katharine Hill offers her wisdom and guidance in stories and brief chapters to help you navigate the different seasons of marriage. In the busyness of life, this useful book focuses on what matters the most and how to have the very best for your marriage.

With helpful tips, bite-size truths, and hilarious cartoons to make you laugh whether you are newly wed or celebrating your golden anniversary, this book is here to help couples thrive. So, brew a cup of coffee, take a moment, and, if you forget everything else, remember this . . .