Idols for Destruction [eBook]


The Conflict of Christian Faith and American Culture

“The bookshelf next to my desk holds Christian classics and books I refer to often. Idols sits on that shelf, for Herb’s lucid critique has been an invaluable reference for my own writings. It helps believers to understand the ideologies that undergird secular culture, and how they dramatically–and dangerously–differ from the Judeo-Christian view based on adherence to absolute truth.” –Charles Colson, Prison Fellowship

“Well-written and highly readable… discerning and critical analysis of our times; a stimulating contribution.” –Carl F. H. Henry

“This book has become a vade mecum for thousands of Christians who understand the cultural disaster of our time and are determined to do something about it.” –Richard John Neuhaus, Editor-in-chief, First Things

“Now that Francis Schaeffer is no longer with us, Schlossberg is just about the most provocative Christian thinker around.” –Harold O. J. Brown, Professor of Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Years before anyone talked about an American ‘culture war,’ Herb Schlossberg penned an acute description of the crisis of virtue that is the domestic issue of the 1990s. His diagnosis remains essential reading for everyone who believes that self-governing republic requires self-governing and morally serious citizens.” –George Weigel, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center

“Thorough, provocative and especially penetrating. If you want to think Christianly about culture Idols for Destruction is must reading!” –John H. White, President, Geneva College






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