Ichthus File Issue 20


By: Various


ISBN: 9781873166734

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Here’s The Ichthus File. There’s never been a set of Bible-reading notes like it (er, sorry). But there hasn’t. It’s totally revolutionary approach (sorry again) to help you get into the Bible to discover its truths for yourself. It could transform (yes, honest) your relationship with God. So, is The Ichthus File the best thing since sliced bread? The Ichthus File is designed to get you going with God as you sink your teeth into his Word. Each issue tackles 3 or more different parts of the Bible. Designed to be used over a 2-3 month with undated pages so you can go at your own pace, issue 20 looks into John 11-21 & Jeremiah 1-25. Well, yes. But we’d hate to say it like that.





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