I Am My Sister’s Keeper [eBook]


By: George, Denise

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ISBN: 9781845509965

Reaching out to Wounded Women

We live in a world of hurting women. And just as Jesus compassionately loved those who were suffering, so can we. “As Christian women, our hearts ache with a world that suffers,” author Denise George cries. “Our love for God compels us to put our love into action.” I Am My Sister’s Keeper tenderly addresses issues like broken relationships and divorce; unforgiveness; loneliness; spouse abuse; and loss and grief. Through biblical stories and contemporary stories of wounded women, George’s advice guides readers in how to pray, offer a listening ear, share from their own experiences and encourage others with God’s promises. A complete Bible study guide makes this an ideal resource for groups of women to study together.�With the love of Jesus poured out through his followers, hurting women begin to overcome painful circumstances. Through our hearts and our hands, God still heals wounded women.�






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