By: Mathis, David


ISBN: 9781087751733

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Welcoming the Uncomfortable Work of God

How do I humble myself?

Humility, according to the Bible, is not something we can just up and do.  Both the negative and positive examples of Scripture — from Pharaoh to Rehoboam, from Josiah to Ahab, from Hezekiah to Manasseh, and even to Christ himself — teach us that humility first comes from the hand of God.  He initiates the humbling of his creatures.  And once he has, the question confronts us: Will you receive it?  Will you humble yourself in response to his humbling hand, or will you kick against him?

This concise, accessible study of Scripture’s humble-self language uncovers two surprising lessons about the pursuit of humility in the Christian — both what we cannot do and also what steps we can take.