How to See Life


By: Scrivener, Glen

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ISBN: 9781915705495

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A Guide in 3 2 1

Perspective is everything.  So how do you see life?  This book is your chance to slow down, get your bearings, and look again at life according to Jesus.

How To See Life stands alone as an introduction to the deepest Christian truths.  It also works brilliantly with 321, a free interactive course.

“The 321 Course is brilliant and this book is excellent.  It is thought-provoking, fresh, and, above all, relevant for our time.  Read it, take the course, and share it.”  ~  J. John

“Glen Scrivener wonderfully combines clarity, faithfulness, and creativity.  Here he introduces us to a vision of God (The Trinity), a vision of the world (Human History), and the most important choice that we make in our lives.  It’s a very striking introduction to Christian faith and yet was still so fresh for me, after being a Christian for 40 years.”  ~  Rico Tice

“This is as succinct, lively, and enthralling an introduction to the Christian faith as I’ve seen.  I so enjoyed reading it and will so enjoy sharing it.”  ~ Sam Allberry

How to See Life is a book like no other.  In it, Glen Scrivener engages the imagination, the intellect, and the heart.  Filled with wonder and joy, stories, and questions, this little book is a block party for the soul.”  ~  Karen Swallow