How to Keep the Pastor You Love


By: Rubietta

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ISBN: 0830823190

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  • Who cares for your pastor in times of special need?
  • What can you do to help your pastor’s family on a regular basis?
  • Are there steps you can take to ensure your pastor is personally and spiritually nurtured?

While Paul urges the church to “overwhelm them with appreciation and love” (1 Thessalonians 5:13), research and anecdotal evidence shows that most pastors experience little support when they need it the most.  The result?  One long-time pastor reports that he thinks about quitting the ministry as often as twice a week, and an estimated twenty-five percent of all ministers relocate every year.  In How to Keep the Pastor You Love Jane Rubietta explores the “flip side” of pastoral care – caring for your pastor.  She breaks down the largely unexamined myth of the superhuman pastor.  And she provides everything you need to know to build healthy, caring, mutually sustaining relationships among your church and its leaders.  Ministers and their families can profitably read the book along with lay leaders to become more aware of where they need the help and encouragement of their congregations.  Questions at the end of each chapter guide pastoral families in reflecting on their own experiences – both positive and negative – of life in the church.





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