How to do Biblical Theology


By: Stuhlmacher, Peter



ISBN: 1556350260

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How to Do Biblical Theology is a series of lectures, given by Peter Stuhlmacher, Professor of New Testament at Tubingen in Germany, in the early to mid 1990’s to audiences in the US (Asbury Theological Seminary and Yale Divinity School) and in Norway (Oslo and Stavanger).
Chapters cover:

  1. The Planning and Realization of a Biblical Theology
  2. The Preaching of Jesus and New Testament Christology
  3. The Testimony of Paul and of the Johannine School
  4. The Christian Canon, its Center, and its Interpretation
  5. Summary and Overview

These brief and readable chapters trace the development of the New Testament’s witness to the work of the one God, who created the world and called Israel to be his people, through the teaching and significance of Jesus, the theology of Paul and John, and conclude with a reflection on how the Christian canon of Scripture was formed with Jesus the Christ as its center.
This small book is very helpful in giving the reader a fresh overview of the methods of biblical theology from a moderately conservative standpoint.





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