How the Gospel Moves from Friend to Frie


By: Smyth, PJ


ISBN: 9781916369146

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Every Christian believer wants to pass the gospel on to their friends and colleagues. Every church wants to mobilize their people to a lifestyle of evangelism. When it comes to sharing the gospel, inspiration is seldom the problem; innovation usually is. In this book, PJ shares:

  • Innovative ideas for how individuals can make friends and pass the gospel on to them
  • Strategies for how groups of friends can “fish” together as Crews
  • Helpful tools and resources to share with those considering faith

“An upbeat, honest exhortation brimming with practical suggestions to help us make friends and share the gospel.” – Lex Loizides, Evangelist and Pastor, Jubilee Church, RSA

“The saving grace we have received has a forwarding address! PJ makes a compelling case for how the gospel can go viral through our relational networks.” – Rigby Wallace, Common Ground Church, RSA

“Whenever I am looking for leadership wisdom, one of my go-to leaders is PJ Smyth. Buy this book and read it slowly. Then read it again.” – Phil Moore, Everyday Church, UK

PJ has been helping people share the gospel with their friends and colleagues for many years. He has started and led churches in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the USA, and leads the Advance Movement of churches. He lives in the greater Washington D.C. area with his wife Ashleigh, and three sons.