How Sermons Work


By: Murray, David


ISBN: 9780852347485

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How do sermons work? How does a preacher get from the basic nuts and bolts of a few Bible verses to the delivery of a full sermon? That’s the question David Murray answers in this instructive and immensely practical book. He demonstrates that behind the thirty to forty five minutes we see and hear on Sunday morning are many ho0urs of mental, spiritual and practical labor. Like all pastoral labor, it involves head, heart, and hand.

Murray breaks up the sermon preparation process into a clear and simply step-by-step method, covering topics such as how to choose a text, how to introduce a sermon, how to explain a text, and how to apply it. This book will provide an excellent refresher for experienced preachers and a reliable guide for those just starting out. It will be extremely helpful to Bible class teachers, Bible study leaders, or anyone who has to prepare a Bible message.

Above all, however, it is the author’s desire that this book will also be read by those who do not preach. He wants to give non-preachers an insider’s look at sermon preparation. By taking readers behind the scenes and asking “How do you do that?” Murray wants to supply answers that will increase respect for pastors and their preaching.