How People Change (DVD)


By: Lane & Tripp


ISBN: 9781935273820

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In the How People Change Seminar (DVD) Paul Tripp and Tim Lane guide people in understanding how Christ’s life, death, and resurrection bring lasting change. Through the introduction, twelve sessions, and conclusion participants will be challenged to experience the deep-down change that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings and given the tools to understand the basic principles in the How People Change Study Guide. The seminar is for church-wide training sessions, small groups, Sunday schools, youth groups, or one-on-one discipleship and includes bonus material for equipping leaders to facilitate the seminar.

Sessions (2 Disc DVD Set):

  1. Introduction (28:10)
  2. Here’s Where God Is Taking You (13:40)
  3. So, You’re Married to Christ (17:38)
  4. Change Is a Community Project (26:02)
  5. Life as God Sees It, Change as God Does It (17:29)
  6. HEAT 1: The Real God in the Real World (16:26)
  7. HEAT 2: The Real You in the Real World (14:47)
  8. THORNS 1: What Entangles You? (25:35)
  9. THORNS 2: Why Do You Get Entangled? (21:07)
  10. CROSS 1: New Identity and New Potential (15:12)
  11. CROSS 2: The Cross and Daily Living (21:31)
  12. FRUIT 1: Real Heart Change (29:34)
  13. FRUIT 2: New and Surprising Fruit (25:45)
  14. Conclusion (14:35)
  15. Bonus Material for Leaders (21:01)






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