How Can I Grow in Holiness Through Readi


By: Barrett, Michael

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ISBN: 9781601785169

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Although the Old Testament can appear irrelevant, outdated, and difficult to read, there are precious nuggets of truth in it which are vital for Christians to understand. That is why Michael Barrett provides this practical approach to reading the books of law, history, prophecy, and poetry through the lens of Jesus. As Barrett explains, ‘Seeing Christ and the gospel in the Old Testament gives life to what otherwise seems to be dry and outdated.’ Grow in personal holiness today as you learn to read and apply the Old Testament properly.

Presuppositions About the Bible
Misunderstandings of the Old Testament
Procedures for Bible Reading
Purpose of the Bible
Practical Reading of the Old Testament

The Cultivating Biblical Godliness booklets treat matters that are vital to Christian experience, and each contribution aims to address a wide variety of people and circumstances at a fundamental and introductory level. This includes teaching people what to believe in order to practice personal holiness as well as specific directions on how to cultivate biblical godliness in relation to issues that are common to God’s people.