Homeschooler’s Guide to …


By: Caruana, Vicki


ISBN: 1581343574

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You are an educator.  Your kids rely on you to teach them to read, write, and think.  But sometimes you feel like you need a mentor for certain subjects, right?  If you’re serious about homeschooling, then you’ve probably had a few questions.

What do I need to know about using standardized tests?  How can I prepare my children for college?  Is there any support available for home educators like me?

In this practical book, Vicki Caruana and several other educational experts answer these questions and more.  They offer answers to homeschoolers seeking guidance on a variety of issues:

  • Making the most of testing and evaluation
  • Running a home-based business
  • Fostering community involvement
  • Teaching high school and preparing for college entrance
  • Working with traditional schools
  • Homeschooling in a military setting
  • Joining and starting support groups and co-ops
  • Educating children with special needs
  • Study skills for children of all learning styles
  • Making music a part of a child’s education

If you homeschool, this book should be at your fingertips to help you negotiate the exciting challenges of home education.  It is a gold mine of information for homeschoolers who have children of all ages — for homeschoolers who want to learn.





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