Holy Vocabulary – Member Book [eBook]


By: Kelley, Michael

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ISBN: 9781415873553

Holy Vocabulary: Rescuing the Language of Faith – Video Sessions (for individual viewing on your personal computer) are 5 individual, downloadable, sessions from the Bible study by Michael Kelly. This thought-provoking Bible study is written for young adults and deals with the idea of keeping the true meaning of Christian vocabulary from becoming trite. It examines words like saved, grace, sin, and repent, and because we’ve used them so often we’ve lost some of their actual meaning. Because Christianity has developed its own subculture over time, this subculture has its own music, customs, even buildings, not to mention a vocabulary of holy words that we, as members of the subculture, use to talk about Christianity and are synonymous with the Christian experience. Michael explores the classic, if over-used, words of the church and dives deeply to rescue their meaning. Whether you’re new to church lingo or it’s your native tongue, you’ll find that these holy words have deep and significant meanings regarding faith. Now you don’t have to miss any of the sessions of this study. Download any one or more of these segments for personal review or for times you can’t be at the group Bible study sessions.






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