Hebrews – Jesus is Better (Workbook)


By: Hopkins, Cynthia


ISBN: 9781087763361

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The book of Hebrews makes a simple request—consider Jesus. Throughout the letter, the author systematically works through key themes and characters in the Bible and points out how Jesus is better than all of them. You may be wondering about the same things yourself. This Bible study will help you understand Hebrews in light of the fuller story of Scripture, so you can see that Jesus is more than worthy of your consideration. (6 sessions)


  • Six small group sessions
  • Five-day reading plans each week
  • Open, inviting design
  • Guide for group discussion
  • Questions for reflection
  • Opportunities to memorize Scripture


  • Understand key themes from Hebrews.
  • See yourself in the story of Jesus.
  • Learn that Jesus is better than anything else in your life.
  • See how Hebrews deals with key themes from the Old Testament in a New Testament light.