Hearing God’s Word (Workbook)


By: Guthrie, George


ISBN: 9781430041399

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Hearing God’s Word Bible Study Book includes a small group experience for six sessions, applicable Scripture, and individual study created for personal discipleship.

We can know God’s story in the world only because He has given us His Word―the Bible―in which we meet the Savior He sent, Jesus Christ. But if we do not read and interpret the Bible correctly, we will struggle to grow in our relationship with our Creator. We must read the Scriptures in context and according to the rules of genre lest we mistake what God has said. And then we must obey what God has said. To understand our part in God’s story, we must be immersed in it―so hear God’s Word! This 6-session study in The Gospel Project series will help group members know how to hear God’s voice through regular study and reading of the Bible.

Session titles:

  1. Why We Read the Bible
  2. While You Read the Bible
  3. Where You Read the Bible
  4. How You Read the Old Testament
  5. How You Read the New Testament
  6. What To Do After Reading the Bible