Greek Verbs in the NT & their Principal


By: Vance, Laurence


ISBN: 9780976344827

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Greek Verbs in the New Testament and Their Principal parts was written to help students and teachers of New Testament Greek understand the variations in the principal parts of Greek verbs. Suitable for beginning and advanced students, as well as teachers and scholars, this handbook of Greek verbs categorizes every verb in the Greek New Testament, lists all the principal parts that actually occur, provides rules for understanding the variations in the principal parts, and explains any remaining irregularities in simple English. This is all preceded by a detailed introduction that explains the format and use of the book, presents some general rules about the changes in the principal parts of Greek verbs, and reviews more comprehensively than most grammars certain key concepts like the structure of Greek verbs, augment, reduplication, and the formation of compound verbs. The index is a reference work in itself in that it lists alphabetically every verb in the Greek New Testament along with its category, frequency, and principal parts.