Great Gospel Words


By: Peckham, Colin


ISBN: 9781846251382

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Here is doctrine made simple! It is easy to read, necessary to grasp and thrilling to experience! Many people in our churches today do not understand the basic doctrines of salvation. In these important studies, Colin Peckham examines the great gospel words ‘repentance’, ‘justification’, ‘regeneration’ and ‘assurance’, showing how each aspect is vital in ‘salvation’ as a whole. Colin Peckham has taught biblical doctrine for years and his expertise in making things understandable, as well as his passion for reaching the lost, are clearly seen here. His emphasis is not merely academic, but brings the challenge of an encounter with the God who made this salvation possible. As you read this book, you will be instructed and enriched, as well as inspired to worship our great God. It is useful for personal or group study, for those uncertain about their Christian faith, for laymen or preachers to use in teaching or evangelism, and for lovers of God’s Word everywhere.





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