Gotta Have It!


By: Jantz, Gregory


ISBN: 9781434766243

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Freedom from wanting everything RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW

Gotta Have It! is every grown-up’s guide for taming the inner two-year-old.  Too many people spend so much time trying to get what they want that they have no energy left to get what they need.  Dr. Gregg Jantz calls this phenomenon excessity – when excess becomes a “necessity.”  Excessities – whether they are activities, behaviors, or objects – promise protection in a difficult world.  Yet they never satisfy.

In Gotta Have It!, readers are invited to discover the truth about themselves that is hiding behind their secret desires.  With real-life stories and guided sections for self-reflection, Gotta Have It! will help readers see life as never before – and delight in the way God longs to fulfill true needs.